Roy Prevost is an international speaker, best selling author, and futurist, Sarah Prevost is a speaker and research expert.


Roy & Sarah Prevost are both cruise speakers and they have traveled the world on FREE cruises as Cruise Speakers over the last 11 years.

They have cruised:

  •  New York to St John New Brunswick (twice)
  •  Panama Canal (three times)
  •  Caribbean (7 times)
  •  Mediterranean ( to Alexandria and visiting the pyramids) (once)
  •  Mediterranean (Haifa, Jerusalem, and the Holy Land) (once)
  •  Baltics (Southampton to St Petersburg) (once)
  •  Australia- New Zealand (once)
  •  Hawaii (4 times)
  •  Mexico (3 times)
  •  Tahiti (once)

They share their expertise of these exotic adventures through workshops and coaching

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